To your knowledge, has it made a lasting impression

Proud to be Indian

An American visited India and went back to America

Where he met his Indian friend who asked him
How did u find my Country
The American said it is a great country
With solid ancient history
And immensely rich with natural resources.
The Indian friend then asked.
How did you find Indians??
Who Indians??
I didn’t find or met a single Indian there in India.
What nonsense??
Who else could u met in India then??
The American said..
In Kashmir I met a Kashmiri
In Punjab, a Punjabi
In Bihar, a Bihari
In Maharastra, a Marathi
Similarly in Rajasthan, Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala;
a Marwadi, Bengali, Tamilian, Malayali
Then I met
A Hindu,
A Muslim,
A Christian,
A Jain,
A Buddhist
And many many many more like
28- States, 7-Union Territories,1642- Different Languages,3000-Castes,25000-Subcastes , 4-Major Varnas
But not a single Indian did i meet
Think how serious this joke is..
The day would not be far off when indeed we would
Become a collection of nation states as some
Regional anti-national politicians want…
Fight back
Always say I am Indian
Jai Bharat


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